Libpng Errors

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Mar 2 07:18:01 PST 2006

Alberto Hernando wrote:
> El Jueves, 2 de Marzo de 2006 11:00, Lord Igtenio escribió:
>> I even went so far as to add
>> /usr/include to the PATH and PKG_CONFIG
>> variables, thinking that'd help locate it, but it
>> didn't do any good.
>> Any other ideas on what could be
>> going on?
> Hi.
> Some days ago, I had a similar problem. My packages couldn't find libpng, but 
> it was installed. It seemed that pkg-config wasn't working well. I did a link 
> between /usr/lib/pkgconfig and /us/lib/pkg-config. I know that you can define 
> variables for that, but recently the name changed. I'm not sure, but perhaps 
> some packages have one of those names hardcoded and it fails. You can't lose 
> anything if you try, but for me it solved all my problems of this kind.
> 	Alberto

This is not the problem. If this is necessary then your system is 
broken. I would check to see where packages are linking. What is the 
output of "ldd /usr/bin/gcc"?

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