Libpng Errors

Lord Igtenio igtenio at
Thu Mar 2 02:00:47 PST 2006

>Looks like you might be missing Zlib from LFS Chapter 6.  According to
>the LFS book, File-4.13 and Util-Linux-2.12g also depend on Zlib.  If
>you install Zlib, File, and Util-Linux in that order you should have
>resolved the dependencies, then libpng shouldn't have that error.  If
>this doesn't work, there is something more that was missed.

I checked, and zlib.h *does* exist in /usr/include. Just incase
something was amiss, I reinstalled it, then went to install
File. It gave the exact same error Libpng did, that it
couldn't find zlib.h. I even went so far as to add
/usr/include to the PATH and PKG_CONFIG
variables, thinking that'd help locate it, but it
didn't do any good.

Any other ideas on what could be
going on?
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