Libpng Errors

Chris Staub chris at
Wed Mar 1 23:21:07 PST 2006

Lord Igtenio wrote:
> When trying to compile Libpng-1.2.8, I'm getting this error message.
> The LFS System I'm using is stock(Built exactly according to the LFS 
> book), except for having installed these packages afterwards:
> AutoFS
> pkg-config
> Glib
> expat
> ...all of which are the versions described in the BLFS book.
> This's the third LFS System I've made, the first two having apparently 
> had errors during creation I didn't catch until later on. I used jhalfs 
> to make this one, so I'm hoping I won't have to toss this one. I created 
> it using the LFS LiveCD, if the system I used has any bearing.
> I got this while running:
> make prefix=/usr ZLIBINC= ZLIBLIB= -f scripts/makefile.linux
> ...after applying the patch successfully.
> =Make.log=
> gcc -I -Wall -O3 -funroll-loops     -c -o png.o png.c
> In file included from png.c:13:
> png.h:359:18: zlib.h: No such file or directory

There's the problem. You have an issue with your zlib installation. You 
need to reinstall zlib.

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