Howto for non-standard paths???

Alex blfs at
Wed Mar 1 19:06:09 PST 2006

I like the idea of LFS/BLFS, but the package management problem seems too 
significant... I remember reading a hint that described different 
strategies for package management.

I would like to try the "dumb" method of installing each package to a 
separate directory...  I'm thinking this may not be to bad since a whole 
list of directories can be given to /etc/ld.conf and they will be stored 
in a hashtable.. At the least, I'm under the impression that most packages 
might be flexible enough configure scripts for this...

On the other hand, I'm considering installing each package to a separate 
directory and upon each installation/removal, re-populating a fake set of 
standard "/usr" directories with symbolic links to the real files...

Does anyone here have any experiences with either of these methods?     In 
doing the first manually, I had some difficulty getting binutils, glibc, 
and gcc to work together when each were in separate directories...



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