Issue compiling pwlib/gnomemeeting with recent Openldap

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Wed Mar 1 06:27:24 PST 2006

On 2/28/06, Alessandro Alocci <alessandro.alocci1 at> wrote:
> Hi all, I'm just trying to compile pwlib-1.8.7 as a dependence for
> gnomemeeting
> but it seems to have problems to compile with recent version of openldap
> (2.3.x).
> The problem is that pwlib and gnomemeeting need to use some ldap functions
> that are now declared as deprecated in ldap.h.
> In fact this is solved in more recent versions of pwlib adding the line
> I just report this in case someone wants to check the problems
> above and possibly correct the book.

Thanks for the report.  I had an issue a while back with a library not
liking openldap-2.3.x.  I had to roll back to version 2.2.x.  They
aren't API compatible.  Hopefully most applications have come up to
speed, but some haven't yet as you've shown.  I'll be keeping my eye
on this.


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