Building gcc-2.95.3

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Oct 31 14:35:40 PST 2004

John McSwain wrote:
>  I have a newly built LFS (6.0-testing-20041010) ( only deviation is 
> gcc-3.4.2 and linux-2.6.9) and have installed several BLFS packages 
> using development.  Today in trying to build gcc-2.95.3 (I need it to 
> compile freetype-1.3.1) I ran into this error:
> [snip error stuff]
> The patches were applied and the configure was by the book.

My understanding is that GCC-2.95.3 cannot be made to compile using
an NPTL system. The package will be removed from BLFS as soon as an
editor gets around to removing all the references to it.

You'll need to figure out some other way to compile that version of


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