overwrite defaults for kernel modprobe

lynx.abraxas at freenet.de lynx.abraxas at freenet.de
Sat Oct 30 03:45:32 PDT 2004


I tried to get device driving modules loaded when the device is accessed by 
adding a line like alias block-major-8-0 sdalist to /etc/modules.conf. It 
looks like this:

alias block-major-8-0 sdalist
probeall sdalist usb-storage sd_mod vfat

That's for my USB-Masstorage. When I do a modprobe block-major-8-0 as root it 
works fine and all modules related to sdalist get loaded. But when I just do 
a mount /dev/sda /mnt only the module sd_mod gets loaded. I noticed that with
modprobe -c to get the default values there is already an alias 
block-major-8-0 sd_mod. This is overwritten by my /etc/modules.conf when I 
start modprobe as root. But it seems as if the default is not overwritten 
when the Kernel calls modprobe. I found in the man modprobe that it doesn't 
trust the Kernel. Is that the reason why the defaults are not overwritten in 
that case? How can I change that or how can I get what I eventually want (the 
mount /dev/sda /mnt to work without hotplug or any command prior to mount)? 
Do I have to change the sourcecode for that?
Also I don't get the reason why hid also should load keybdev, I don't have a 

As well in all my Kernel messages there never appears a message like "Couldn't 
find module char-major*-*" or simmilar even if I delet my modules.conf but 
there were a lot of those messages in my SuSE host system. How can I get 
these messages again?

Thanks for any help

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