gcc-3.4.x make -k check errors

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Wed Oct 27 04:37:28 PDT 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Lup wrote:

> I'm just trying to upgrade my existing gcc-3.3.3 to gcc-3.4.x using my LFS
> system.  I wanted to have gcc-3.4.x in place before I continue updating
> any other part of BLFS.  On my other already existing BLFS laptop, I'm
> running gcc-3.3.4 and it too can't upgrade to any version of gcc-3.4.x.  I
> always follow the LFS and BLFS book, and install in either /opt/ or /usr/
> when instructed.  However, it just won't update to any gcc-3.4.x version.
> Don't know if any of this extra info helps, just wanted to clarify what I
> was attempting to do.

 I've been playing with kernels recently and I don't think I've built
gcc-3.4.x on an LFS-5.1 base, but I'm sure lots of people have.  I've
certainly used a (ppc) debian system to build binutils- and
gcc-3.3.4 in /usr/local, and used those to build a 2.15.9x binutils and
gcc-3.4.2 in /opt/newtools.  I just repeat the first TWO steps of a new
lfs, but with a different prefix and without the static linking.

 To emphasise what I said earlier, building a newer version of gcc over
the top of the existing one (e.g. both in /usr) might cause grief one
day, and you really need to ensure you are using an _appropriate_
version of binutils for the new version of gcc.


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