blinking text under console with framebuffer

lynx.abraxas at lynx.abraxas at
Sun Oct 24 09:54:20 PDT 2004


I have build an lfs for my laptop now and activated the vesafb driver form 
frame buffer support. It all works fine but I noticed that with the frame 
buffer running the escape sequence like
echo -e '\x1b[5mHallo World!\033[0m'
doesn't lead to blinking text but to a gray background. On the net I found 
some hints on that saying there would be some addresses overlapping. Like for 
blinking ESC[5m would overlap with the escape sequence for gray background. 
The same for underlining and blue background.
If I don't start my lfs with frame buffer support both escape sequences work 
as they should. Sadly I couln't find out how to get true blinking text with 
frame buffer. I tried different fbdrivers and also got some hint that it 
would depend on either ncourses, termcap/info and/or the fb-driver itself. 
Does anybody know something about this? What instance of the system is 
evaluating the escape sequences? Is it termcap? Under my SuSE dist blinking 
does not work under the console as well but in xterm it does.
I read man console_codes but didn't understand it fully if it gives an answer 
to my problem. I also don't get the role termcap plays. Is it emultating a  
different type of terminal in fb mode?
Is there a console dirver that allows 256 or more colours to be used for 
displaying glyphs?


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