x.org + GTK + Nvidia driver weird interaction?

Chris Macksey c_macksey at spamSPAMspamitySPAMhotmail.com
Sat Oct 23 08:42:55 PDT 2004

GCZ wrote:

>> * What version of the NVidia driver are you using, the latest or an 
>> older version?  I've tried both 5336 and 6111, but it would be nice to 
>> use one that at least has a chance of working?
> I use the lastest: 61.11
>> * Are you using AGPGART or NvAGP?
> agpgart, compiled into the kernel (i.e. not as a module)
>> * What driver options are you passing to the driver in your xorg.conf?
> See attached xorg.conf.
> Driver    "nvidia"
> BusID     "PCI:3:0:0"
> Option    "NoLogo"                "True"
> Option    "RenderAccel"           "On"
> Option    "CursorShadow"          "On"
> Option    "NoBandWidthTest"       "On"
> Option    "IgnoreDisplayDevices"  "TV"
> I also load the RENDER and Composite extensions (although I don't think 
> any of my installed software uses it), without problems.

Thanks - it's frighteningly similar to mine.   Only thing different is 
the BusID (go figure) and IgnoreDisplayDevices, but my NVidia doesn't 
have TV out, so I suspect that isn't the problem.

I'm down to 5336 now, but I'll be back up to 6111 after my next building 
bout this morning.

Chris Macksey
<c_macksey at DONTspamMEhotmail.com>

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