DHCP: SORTED, Thanks to all.

D.Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Sat Oct 23 07:17:39 PDT 2004

D.Moriarty wrote:

>> Okay, again, only stabs in the dark here...if using a module, yank it 
>> out of modules.conf for bootup, then put it back after boot.  Set 
>> 'dmesg -n 7', and then 'modprobe eth0' and send the output here (if 
>> you've not gotten it to work).  Also, maybe you can force the card to 
>> 10Mb half, or if it's at half (unlikely), then full in the modules 
>> options.  Other options, force it with a static setup...non routable 
>> like and see if you can hit something else on the same 
>> switch or through a crossover cable attached to another PC configured 
>> with an address in the same range.  Lets take out all the NTL 
>> variables and be certain that it is a driver issue and not some 
>> incompatability between your modem and the NIC.
>>>          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0

>> This looks as if absolutely nothing is happening.

That was profoundly right. I got going, as follows.

I went into linux with the windoze settings, and found the only 
difference was the irq (11 vs 16). This m/b has a via chipset and the 
apic is crazy: Everything gets irq 10 or irq 11 except the things that 
_want_ irq 10 or irq 11, and they get some half assed irq number. Linux 
looks askance at this and performance sags, as many drivers look at the 
card's numbers or take up the usual numbers.

So I had booted with acpi=off for years and forgot it. But the latest 
kernel build ignored that option, and I had APIC interrupt control. Now 
I booted with "noapic acpi=off" and dhcp works, returning me an IP 
immedeately. The answer proved to be as simple as 'cat /proc/interrupts'

I couldn't set half duplex because the crc32 and mii modules were 
preloaded and required full duplex apparently

How do you set dmesg to dmesg -n 7 anyhow? Modprobe -v eth0

Thanks to all who troubled to put their wisdom down

         With Best Regards,

         Declan Moriarty

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