Short questions on DHCP

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Oct 21 22:03:32 PDT 2004

D.Moriarty wrote:

> Thanks for the reply.
> I've been there and tried most of that. It hangs because I still have 
> LFS-3.3 and the boot scripts are a little different. I can't be exact 
> (email forced into windoze) but there's a '$network_devices' referenced 
> in the scripts (/etc/rc.d/init.d/network I think) which isn't found. I 
> went in and hacked it to /etc/sysconfig/network-devices which seemed 
> like the right place, but then it barfs on an error about not finding an 
> IP. The whole $%@£! point of dhcp is that things don't have an IP to 
> begin with. It's an error from the script.
> And, as given, dhcpcd isn't going to set much up. The 
> /etc/sysconfig/network script from the book leaves out the options
> I quote:


What is your DHCP server?  Does it work for other clients on the same 
network?  I'm guessing yes, while using the windows box.  Early on 
(around lfs 3 IIRC) I had difficulties with dhclient and a particular 
firmware rev on either the linksys  or the netgear router.  I can't 
remember which it was, but dhcpcd worked fine for me whcih is probably 
why I still lean towards dhcpcd even today.  This has _long_ since been 
fixed with a firmware upgrade, but it'd be interesting to see if this 
could possibly be your issue.

Other than than I've no idea what is happening.  Anyway, the old dhcpcd 
hint had a working bootscript for the timeframe (specifically lfs-3.3), 
but I'd get it working from the command line first.  It *should* be as 
simple as 'dhcpcd eth0'.  Also from that old hint, since you are dealing 
with a cable modem, I can't remember why, but a quote that may be of help:

>> Also, I do not go into any of
>> the advanced options for cable/*DSL modems that may be required by some ISPs.
>> These options are covered in the man-pages for the client, however, if you are
>> having problems with broadband modems, look for the -D, -H, -I, and -i switches.
>> Furthur more, cable modem users will probably not want to use the -k option in
>> the ifdown-eth0 script below.  Change to this to killproc or ifconfig down 
>> on cable modem setups to preserve the cache file.  'man dhcpcd' for more info.

-- DJ Lucas

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