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Wed Oct 20 13:18:51 PDT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:39:57 +0100, D.Moriarty
<declan.moriarty at> wrote:
> I'm not getting going with DHCP, and have found it difficult to
> make sense of why. Every one else does it in their sleep, but that
> isn't much use to me. Both the linux daemons just get to
> DHCPDISCOVER and time out. They apparently get no answer
> Windows sets up. ipconfig /all (In windoze) gives me
> hostname  GENIUS
> dhcp derver -
> dns server -
> netmask -
> gateway -
> IP -
> Beyond that, it appears to use nothing fancy.
> The setup scripts in linux are a mess, so I want to set it manually
> once and then get the scripts to do what works. Manually adding routes
> and configuring
> modprobe eth0
> ifconfig <options>
> route add <several>
> as suggested in various docs to get on using an existing lease fails
> Why? The only difference I can spot is in the case of the hostname
> Likewise asking NTL, who assure me that the cable
> modem assigns the IP to the box it operates off and consequently
> I don't need any info. NTL do talk more crap than sense, but
> it's an ntl badged cable modem. Could that be?
> The guy who put installed this lifted a serial number from it and
> rang it in. Is that an item of information used in the protocol?
> A little port scan under windows showed the system has the BOOTP
> instead of DHCP on port 67, but the windoze box listens on port 68.
> Significant?
>     TIA
>     Declan Moriarty
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from BLFS, install dhcpcd, and then type in
dhcpcd eth0.

[or else download the blfs bootscripts, and type in make
install-service-dhcpcd; echo "SERVICE=dhcpcd" >

[I'm repeating the above from memory, it may not be entire correct]
Nathan Coulson (conathan)
nathan at linuxfromscratch org
conathan at gmail com

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