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Mon Oct 18 06:30:59 PDT 2004

HouseRaising Inc. OTCBB: HRAI

Net Assets of over 7,000,000

1,100,000 in Homebuilding and Renovation Sales Under Construction.

(Source: News Announcement 9/14/04)

Current Price. 0.48

A massive PR  campaign  is  being  launched  this Weekend and Monday
could be a huge day in the Stock.

Imagine How Well You Would Have Done If You Knew About the Following

OTCBB:LENF: Exploded from .75 on  September  1st  to   6.28  October
14th. Up over 700%.

OTCBB:AZGS:  Closed  at .50 on September 1st. This bad boy closed at
2.00 on October 7th, Up 300%.

These are  the  types  of  gains  you  can  find  with small unknown
companies. You may agree it is hard to get these types of gains from
large cap stocks. The question you need to answer  for  yourself  is
Will HRAI be next to power higher?

About HouseRaising Inc.

HouseRaising  was  formed in 1999 to utilize experiences gained from
40 years in the design/build  business  to combine the advantages of
today's   technology    with    local    homebuilding    operations.
HouseRaising's  focus  is its management system and business process
that allows the duplication of a time-tested and successful regional
homebuilding operation in 150 locations simultaneously.

HouseRaising  does  not  own  land,   nor  does  the  company  build
speculative homes.  HouseRaising  is  a  design/build  company  that
markets  its  products and services to homebuyers and small builders
who have customers desiring  to  build a unique home. HouseRaising's
regional operations are staffed with local  employees  and  builders
that  utilize  an  electronic management process to pre-sell, design
and build quality  residences  on  a  lot  owned  by the homebuyers.
HouseRaising pre-arranges financing  for  projects  secured  in  the
names of the buyers.

HRI   owns   an   Internet   based   management   process   that  is
revolutionizing the way  custom  homes  are  designed and built. The
company receives  revenues  from  royalties  and  from  net pro fits
realized    from    regional    design/build    operations.   Though
HouseRaising's intellectual  property  and  franchise  is unique and
sophisticated, our business is easy to understand and follow.

HRI    functions    through    two    wholly-owned     subsidiaries,
HouseRaisingUSA, LLC and HouseRaisingAcademy, LLC.

HouseRaisingUSA is.

HouseRaisingUSA,  LLC  (HR-USA)  will  establish  12  zones  and 150
regional  design/build  and  renovation  companies.  These  regional
companies function as  design/build  and  renovation operations that
each sells, designs and builds 50 custom  homes  and  50  renovation
projects  annually.  HouseRaisingUSA  is  the  people  side  of  the
business,  linking  homebuyers,  homebuilders  to affiliated vendors
essential to create quality homes.

HouseRaisingAcademy is.

HouseRaisingAcademy,  LLC  (HRA)   is   an  Internet  based  process
management and training operation, providing electronic support  and
training for design/build and renovation franchisees.

The  Academy  identifies  the who, what, how, when, where and why of
3,400 tasks conducted  on  each  project  thereby  ensuring that the
tasks are completed successfully each time and every time.

HRA  will make online seminars and training available to homebuyers,
homebuilders  and  vendors.   The  Academy  also  provides  national
marketing for  affiliated  builders  and  vendors.  (Source: Company

Recent Headlines. Go Read the Full Stories!

HouseRaising (OTCBB HRAI) Issues Development Projections for System
C and Financial Guidance in Sales

HouseRaising Hires  Former  CEO  of  US  Sprint  Charles  Skibo  as
Chairman and CEO

HouseRaising  Completes Going Public Transaction and Announces Name

If you think HRAI is a  good  investment  and may go higher, you may
not want to wait until it's too late.  Many  of  these  stocks  have
really been performing for investors lately. Good Luck and Succesful

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