Stripping down X

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Mon Oct 18 02:47:19 PDT 2004

>"Jonathan Lee" <chorus at> wrote in message 
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> <><>Hello,
> just wondering if anyone knows how to strip out the programs built with
> X{org, Free86}? The only programs I think I actually use are xinit, 
> xterm,
> xcalc, and xdm (maybe there's some dependencies - I'm not sure). So I'd
> like to only build and install these programs. Can I just delete the
> directories from the source tree? Is there a config file? Are there 
> any "have to have" type programs?
> Any pointers are greatly appreciated
> Thanks
> --Jonathan

You sound like a man who's going to write the X/2 hint, only you don';t 
know it yet ;-)

Isn't there a 'mother-of-all-makefiles'  host.def or something? Why not 
eliminate what you think you can get away without,
wait foir the build to barf, and  add back the bits it barfs over. Then 
test the resultant X/2  fully. I never want to be able to
network into my own box from  outside, and that might be a start.

    With  Best Regards

    Declan Moriarty

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