Stripping down X

Daniel Gable dagable48 at
Sun Oct 17 08:00:43 PDT 2004

"Jonathan Lee" <chorus at> wrote in message 
news:cj6cmt$jjp$1 at
> Hello,
>   just wondering if anyone knows how to strip out the programs built with 
> X{org, Free86}? The only programs I think I actually use are xinit, xterm, 
> xcalc, and xdm (maybe there's some dependencies - I'm not sure). So I'd 
> like to only build and install these programs. Can I just delete the 
> directories from the source tree? Is there a config file? Are there

The config file is called xhosts, or something similar.  It's been a few 
months since I built X for BLFS.

> any "have to have" type programs?
>   Any pointers are greatly appreciated
>   Thanks
> --Jonathan

You don't mention if you are using a window manager.  With very few 
exceptions, the programs provided in the base X installation are required to 
get X up and running.  If you have a title bar above your windows, then you 
are probably using TWM, or MWM.  These are both built during an installation 
of X under BLFS.  If you have some other window manager in use, it will call 
many of the support libraries.  Unfortunately, the programs not involved in 
starting X are the programs you like to use, except for xdm, if you are 
booting to a graphical screen.

I would not recommend removing anything from the base X build unless you 
have replacement libraries you intend to use.


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