Firefox and Thunderbird duplicated files

Jonathan Lee chorus at
Sat Oct 16 11:23:09 PDT 2004

   just wondering if anybody knows if Firefox and Thunderbird can be

    a) Built together (they unpack to the same mozilla tree), or
    b) Installed so that the libraries are not duplicated?

I installed both according to the BLFS devel book. Previously, I had 
just used the prepackaged binaries. There seems to be a lot of 
duplication between the trees, so I thought there might be a way to 
merge the trees cleanly.

In particular, the two directories that seem to have the most overlap are:


I'd rather have something like


and get both to look there for their libs. A simple move doesn't seem to 
accomplish this... and before I go mess up anything I'm wondering if 
somebody has any ideas.


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