postgresql-7.4.5 does not detect DocBook SGML DTD-3.1 properly

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Oct 14 05:51:15 PDT 2004

Nico R. wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>Nico R. wrote:
>>>After running configure for postgresql-7.4.5 (yes, I know it's not
>>>yet in the book, but this may be reproducible with 7.4.3 also), I get
>>>the following in config.log:
>>>[snip output from the damn OpenSP declaration problem]
>>>Well, I don't understand what's going on here. Does anyone else?
>>Yes. I'm very familiar with this. The OpenSP declarations in the
>>system SGML catalogs cause this.
> *AGAIN* those OpenSP declarations? Argh.
> IIRC, it was me who hit this problem earlier with another package... I
> should have known...

Yes, but by that time the problem was identified and easy to fix.
Now, we're in maintenance mode, cleaning up the packages that
break with those declarations. A funny story along those lines:

Igor bugged up DocBook-utils shortly after I added the package
to BLFS. I couldn't figure out what could be wrong, as I had no
trouble at all building DocBook-utils. I asked him what optional
dependencies he had installed.

He said "not all of them, but I'll install them and get back with
you". A couple of days later he emailed to say, "well, I installed
all the optionals and it still breaks". I thought what the hell?

How could I fix which wasn't broken for me?

A month or so later, I'm building up a new LFS build and I get to
DocBook-utils. Wham, broken exactly like Igor said. So, I started
looking at the difference in my old build versus the new one. It
turns out my first build was using DocBook SGML catalogs of a
non-BLFS build. I had painstakingly done research to assemble my
catalogs (I had not run across LFS/BLFS at the time) and nowhere
on the Internet did it say to include the OpenSP declarations in
the SGML catalogs.

So, after pulling out the OpenSP catalogs, and DocBook-utils
building successfully, the problem was finally identified.

All because I had been using a non-BLFS build of the SGML catalogs.

>>I think we should dump the OpenSP 
>>declarations, but I've asked 3 times on the list and not one person
>>has agreed (or disagreed), so I've been hesitant to dump them.
> Dump them. We can put them back in if/when necessary or do some other
> modifications, like add a big fat warning.

Yeah, I'm going to. I had much feedback to my message yesterday,
most just saying "make a decision, and go with it". Bruce had
told me the same thing months ago in a private email. I (like you
mention below) don't have a clue what they do. Who was/am I to
remove what some other Editor put in there, when I don't have a
clue what I'm removing.

See the dilemma?

>>The solution is outlined on the DocBook-utils page.
> That should be removed after the OpenSP declarations are no longer
> present in the system SGML catalogs.

Well, we'll probably need to leave them for a good while. At least
until a majority of BLFS builds out in the world have converted
over to not using those OpenSP declarations. Perhaps adding some
instructions that say "If you're having problems, blah, blah..."

Anyway, Nico, did removing the OpenSP declarations fix the
PostGreSQL issue? Do we need to add some instructions to
PostGreSQL to check for these declarations, and remove them if


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