problems copy files with NFS

Rob van Dam r_vandam at
Wed Oct 13 13:50:21 PDT 2004


I have some problems with Nfs. I have computer A as nfs server. Computer 
A has two shared directories. One dir has only a few files, and the 
other a huge amount of files (10k). This directory is used for a 
grabbing device to put a jpg file in every 2 seconds.

Computer B is the client.

The problem is that with B I can't copy jpg files from A to B. The cp 
command hangs (even when I try to copy a single file), and there is no 
way to interrupt this. From the other dir I can copy, read and write. I 
can also write to the directory where the jpg's are stored. Only not 
copy or move. 

What can be the problem?


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