SMTP being blocked by certain providers

Jason Gurtz jason at
Sun Oct 10 21:14:50 PDT 2004

On 10-Oct-04 23:25, DJ Lucas wrote:

> 554- AOL does not 
> accept e-mail transactions from dynamic or residential 554- IP 
> addresses. 554  Connecting IP:

There's quite a bit of talk from several people on the various SPF lists
advocating this type of thing and this type of behavior is only likely
to increase as time goes on--extreme times calls for extreme measures
principle or something.

It might be your best option to set the "smart-host" option (or whatever
that's called in postfix) so that your outgoing mails are relayed thru
your ISP's mail server.  Haven't had to do that here yet, but I'm
watching and waiting.




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