thunderbird-0.8, nsFontMetricsP | Solved?

Andrew Benton andy at
Sun Oct 10 16:31:05 PDT 2004

David Jensen wrote:
> after maybe 20 builds i'm giving up.
> --disable-freetype2 allows error free builds, but it does not produce a 
> usable application, no overlayinfo is the symptom.
> patching for freetype2 yields install errors. but the app works, locale 
> won't build, even en_US
> what one has to do with the other is beyond me!
> ymmv
> -- David Jensen
Well, for what it's worth (which may not be much) these steps work for 
me. Get the thunderbird source 
and untar it. Get the FreeType-2.1.9.patch from and 
save it alongside the mozilla source. cd into the mozilla source folder 

cat > mozconfig << "EOF"
. $topsrcdir/mail/config/mozconfig
ac_add_options --enable-xft
ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2
ac_add_options --disable-freetype2
cd gfx &&
patch -p1 < ../../FreeType-2.1.9.patch &&
cd .. &&
./configure &&
make &&
cd xpinstall/packager &&
make MOZ_PKG_APPNAME=thunderbird

The cat command creates a mozconfig file which contains the build 
options (same as configure options, more details here ) so don't add any extra 
switches to ./configure --put them in the mozconfig. The bit at the end 
in xpinstall/packager gathers all the bits together in a nice neat 
package in mozilla/dist. You can copy the thunderbird folder wherever 
you want to install it (I rebuild it regularly so I just have it in my 
home folder for convenience) and save the thunderbird.tar.gz for a backup.

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