Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Oct 8 19:34:45 PDT 2004

Steven C. wrote:

>Hmm ok so here is what I want to acoplish
>I want to put together a LFS system on a laptop with
>no cd rom drive and only a wireless connection to the
>internet.  Now the way I wanna do this is my wireless
>card is supported in the kernel so im sure I can get
>access with a boot floppy or some other small distro. 
>What I dont wanna do is compile on it considering its
>only a 100mhz with 16 mb of ram.  So my question is is
>there a way of compiling it over the network on a
>faster computer but have the prefix for the compiled
>package on a remote client?
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There's a couple of possibilities, but far easier thing is to build the 
system on the hard drive of your faster computer, then once complete, 
tar it up, and transfer it to the slower computer.


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