the patches are nowhere on the lfs site

Mhac Janapin mhac at
Thu Oct 7 18:19:06 PDT 2004

Andre Müller wrote:

>hi everyone, 
>i'm having trouble downloading the patches...
>the standard links won't work, and,
>while yesterday, i found an alternative way to the patches
>at last, i can't even reproduce that today.
>sad to say that i can't tell where i succeeded yesterday...
>anyway, if anyone can tell me how to get the patches
>or just send them over to me, i'd be v grateful.
>apart from troubles with the homepage 
>i should probably say that the lfs-book has
>greatly improved since version 4.0.
>good work, indeed.
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What I do is strip off the url to
and then find the patch I need.
Hope this helps.


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