download statistics

Martin Kavec martin.kavec at
Tue Oct 5 07:39:08 PDT 2004

Martin Kavec wrote:

> Hi,
> my ISP allows me to download only (XX) GB/month. Could you please suggest
> me a tool to monitor a network adapter which I could simply reset at a
> particular time and start accumulating again? Thanks.
> Martin

Thanks for suggestions. However, I have doubts that both ifconfig and
iptables can keep the info over reboots/shutdowns (can not try it right
now). I could imagine to set up things this way, but I'm really aiming at
something very straightforward, something my wife could understand too. I
tried to search freshmeat, but did really get anything useful. Perhaps I
used incorrect keywords. Don't want to look lazy but could you, please
suggest me some?

ISP sucks (a bit), but service/price ratio is still reasonable.



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