Xorg compile trouble

Matthias B. msbREMOVE-THIS at winterdrache.de
Mon Oct 4 03:42:38 PDT 2004

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 17:23:01 +0800 Mhac Janapin <mhac at pbts.net.ph> wrote:

> Thanks Declan.
> > You did take a peek with vim, didn't you? Vim +91 Makefile.proto
> I didn't peek with vim. Was I supposed to? 

Well, you could have figured that there's something wrong with
from the error message you got and it never hurts to look.

> > What it seems to be complaining about is a command commencing before
> > the target, which is like an instruction beginning before the start of
> > a subroutine. Mebbe it's misinterpeting something?
> I don't know. :(

Then I suggest you open 
in nano and check out what the beginning of the file looks like.
Especially check out lines 90 and 91, which is where the error is being


I didn't know it was impossible when I did it.

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