Xorg compile trouble

Mhac Janapin mhac at pbts.net.ph
Mon Oct 4 02:23:01 PDT 2004

Thanks Declan.

> You did take a peek with vim, didn't you? Vim +91 Makefile.proto
I didn't peek with vim. Was I supposed to? I was trying to follow the BLFS 
book closely. And I didn't install vim. I am using nano. :) 

> What it seems to be complaining about is a command commencing before the
> target, which is like an instruction beginning before the start of a
> subroutine. Mebbe it's misinterpeting something?
I don't know. :(

> BTW, it's always a good idea to mention at least your gcc version.
> Typically, everything compiled by a 'new gcc release' needs patches before
> it will work, and a lot of errors come from here.
I compiled using gcc-3.3.3 (I followed LFS5.1.1). However I have gcc-2.95 in 
my /opt directory (the one I used to compile the kernel). Should I use that 
one instead?
> --
> 	With best Regards,
> 	Declan Moriarty.

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