Bluetooth and Palm Vx using blue5

John Gay johngay at
Sun Feb 29 16:20:55 PST 2004

On Sun 29 Feb 2004 21:45, Benjamin Boksa wrote:
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> Hi blfs-supporters,
> After installing bluez on my linux box I can use my bluetooth usb
> dongle from d-link (dwb-120m) and can see my palm and my nokia 6310i
> when I do a 'hcitool scan'.

> However I am not able to establish a connection between my palm and the
> linux box.
> It is however hard for me to find the right documentation for my case
> as most of the tutorials deal with special devices or with using a
> phone to connect to the internet via bluetooth.
This sounds like the perfect opportunity to give back to the community. Once 
you figure it out, you can write up a HOWTO for the rest of us (-;

> Does anyone of you have any experience and is able to help me?
Not the particular area, but I have played with a few Palms and Visors, so ...

> Some questions I have:
> What software do I have to run on the linux side?

For Palm you will need either Pilotlink or coldsync. Coldsync is particularly 
written for USB connections, like the Visor but I haven't played with either 
for a while, so read the docs.

> Does the palm need to discover any services on the linux box?
As far as I know, coldsync or pilotlink provide all the services needed. Once 
these can establish a connection, then you can use JPilot, KPilot or any 
other Palm-aware tools to do the fancy stuff.

I do know that there are some issues with USB, devfs, hotswap and pilotlink or 
coldsync  that can cause problems and confusion, so read up carefully

> It would be really great if you could help me. Thanks in advance,


	John Gay

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