slib-2d6 in v5.0

Lissa qibhom at
Sun Feb 29 12:42:45 PST 2004

The download location for slib-2d6 appears to be gone.  BLFS ver 5.0
says to get it at  This directory

The maintainer's page, at
shows it has gone to slib3a1, and that slib2d6 is no longer available.

I could not find a place to get it that worked on google.  It is not
available from

I'm assuming I can just not install it, or anything that depends on it,
for now.  I'm assuming that if I were to use the newer version, I'd
screw things up.  I'm new to LFS and BLFS, so my assumptions may be off
base.  What I would like to know is how I figure out if the people who
need to know about this know about it.  I ran a query on bugzilla from
the report bugs page, and came up with nothing.  Is this an appropriate
thing to file a bug on?



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