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marc brady mbrady4 at nc.rr.com
Sun Feb 29 09:43:59 PST 2004

the only reason I use the option i do is it also helps loading all the 
other modules at boot and I do not like building everything into the kernel


Kevin Alm wrote:

>On Sunday 29 February 2004 09:26 am, marc brady wrote:
>>yes your correct but I forgot considering I always use initrd image.You
>>could create a file in /etc directory called modules and add the
>>ide-scsi to it and then add this script to the correct run level directory
>>if [ -f /etc/modules ]; then
>>    while read MODULES; do
>>       /sbin/modprobe $MODULES
>>    done < /etc/modules
>>make it executable and name it like
>>then on boot any module listed in the /etc/modules file will get loaded
>>that will help
>Yes you can. It's just simpler to:
>ide-scsi support Y
>ide-cd M or N
>pass the kernel arg hd?=scsi
>Forget about modules.conf, init scripts, and initrds. Most users just want 
>scsi emulation for all cdrom/cdrw's and that's the easiest way without an 
>Best Regards,
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