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Sun Feb 29 09:24:28 PST 2004

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Jochen Schroeder wrote:

> Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:
> > michael <michael8110 at terra.com.br> writes:
> ><snip>

> > I like to see a thank you, if only to confirm that the advice given
> > was correct and helpful.
> > The important thing is not the thanks, per se, but the feedback.
> > So on the whole, I'd advise you to give a short response.
> > But don't quote a long advice mailing, PLEASE keep it snappy!
> >
> +1 for that,
> it also makes things easier for people browsing the archives to see if
> the suggested solution actually works. On the other hand, I don't think
> anybody here will take personal offence if you don't post a thank you to
> there advice ;-)

For me, the thanks is OK, but the important thing is resolution. I hate
it when I've worked with someone through 5 or 6 cycles and they just go

> Jochen

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