a note on etiquette

weasel weasel at beyondnormal.org
Sun Feb 29 00:44:25 PST 2004

michael wrote:
> It has gradually become clear to me that it is awkward to send thank you 
> notes upon receiving help when there is nothing else to be said,as it 
> only takes up space so i'd like to know if it is common understanding 
> that no answer is by no means to be taken for rudeness,and that 
> thankfulness is implicit..
I generally assume that any help I provide on any mailing list is 
appreciated and that the person on the receiving end it eternally 
thankful for having just a smidgen of my endless wisdom bestowed upon 
them. (*lol*, are you laughing yet?)  In any case, a quick "Thank you" 
is always welcome and really doesn't take up that much space.  Should 
you wish to write a long drawn out thank you note the person(s) who 
helped you it would surely be welcome too.  I can't imagine anyone being 
bothered by the words "Thank you" in any form.


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