a note on etiquette

Richard A Downing FBCS richard at 109bean.org.uk
Sat Feb 28 23:20:00 PST 2004

michael <michael8110 at terra.com.br> writes:

> It has gradually become clear to me that it is awkward to send thank
> you notes upon receiving help when there is nothing else to be said,as
> it only takes up space so i'd like to know if it is common
> understanding that no answer is by no means to be taken for
> rudeness,and that thankfulness is implicit..

I like to see a thank you, if only to confirm that the advice given
was correct and helpful.
The important thing is not the thanks, per se, but the feedback.
So on the whole, I'd advise you to give a short response.
But don't quote a long advice mailing, PLEASE keep it snappy!

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