David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Sat Feb 28 11:46:37 PST 2004

A taskbar for enlightenment, on the cheap!

A build of libwnck-2.4.? builds a test-tasklist in
libwnck/.libs,  copy to a dir in your path. (get the one in
libwnck/.libs, not libwnck, it is just a shell)


Stretch horizontally and squeeze vertically to one cell
high (cell not pixel).
Alt-Right click, Toggle Skip Window Lists. You'll see
it unlist itself.
Alt-Right click, Set Border Style->BORDERLESS.
Alt-Left and drag, move to bottom or top left.
Alt-Right click, Window Size->Width->Max Width Toggle.
Alt-Right click, Stick/Unstick.
Alt-Right click, Remember...,  check all but desktop.

logout and restart. Works for me.
I think thats all,
I apologize to all who don't use E. (all but me likely)
David Jensen

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