Simon Geard delgarde at
Fri Feb 27 02:04:34 PST 2004

Albert wrote:

> How so?  I could find no home page for a product "hotplugd."  I always
> understood hotplugging to mean plugging/unplugging devices on a
> running machine and I have no hotpluggable devices. Most likely I
> misunderstand that also. 

The project is at You're right
that hotplug refers to detecting new devices when they're plugged in,
e.g cameras and usb sticks.

But hardware detection is hardware detection, and it also provides an
init script to emulate the process during bootup (cold-plugging, they
call it). I use it for detecting my soundcard in that manner, though I
had to tweak it a bit to handle PCI devices correctly under a 2.6 kernel
- the packages still haven't been updated to work properly on 2.6.

There's a hotplugging hint on the LFS site that you might find
interesting and/or useful.

> What's different in 2.6?  I haven't looked at it.  

I'm not fully up on it, but from poking around the kernel mailing lists,
they've made a lot of improvements to the device model, particularly
with regard to supporting hardware detection (and I think unifying a
lot of the underlying stuff?). I assume Dagmar meant that a lot of the
manual stuff should be eliminated as a result of those improvements to
the kernel.


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