logrotate errors

Serge Delorme s_del at megacom.net
Fri Feb 27 01:00:40 PST 2004

Le vendredi 27 fév. 2004 à 01:56:33 -0300, michael a écrit:
> the first snippet is from /var/log/XFree.0.log,and the second is from  
> logrotate 's output when i run
> bash-2.05b# logrotate /var/log/XFree86.0.log
> can i ignore this and rest assured that logrotate is working or will my 
> X server refuse to start again in a few weeks when the log is full(which 
> is what i assume happened some time ago)'1 ?

The argument you give to logrotate is the name of it's configuration file,
so your rotation is not working...check the man page for examples.

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