LFS Install CD

Alexandre Garrefa alex.garrefa at spd.com.br
Thu Feb 26 16:08:41 PST 2004

Sorry to post again, but since i forgoth to put a subject in the first
email i think that people have ignored it, so here it goes again.

Hello all. I have just installed LFS-5.1pre1 and the idea of having a
system where everything is rulled by me is great. I cant wait to use it as
my host system, with all the stuffs i need but i got a problem. I worked
hard to build it 2 times in a weak and i really dont want to do it again.
So im thinking how can i make the process to be automatic. Have some of
you guys done this? Im that kind of guy that install a lot of test things
and because of that i have to reinstall my system all the times.
I think ill make an image of my LFS partition and put it on cd, so if i
need to reinstall my system i can just write the image to the partition
again but im not sure if it will work. Have some of you done this before?
What software can i use to generate the image?


Alexandre M R Garrefa
Segurança da Informação
SPD Telecom - www.spd.com.br

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