KDE 3.2 slow as root - SOLVED

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at netscape.net
Thu Feb 26 15:00:05 PST 2004


DISCLAIMER : I'm not sure that the problem is indeed solved, but at 
least I found
a damn good workaround.

First of all, thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions. In the end, I 
found the problem
via ksysguard.

As it turns out, artsd was chewing up all of my CPU. At first I couldn't 
figure out why
it was chewing up so much CPU. On a hunch, I checked the hardware 
settings for the sound
device (Settings -> Control Center -> Sounds & Multimedia -> Sound 
System -> Hardware)
and found that the audio device was set to "Autodetect". So, since arts 
1.2 was compiled
against ALSA (v1.0.2, for those who care), I changed this to "Advanced 
Linux Sound
Architecture" and applied the changes. Low and behold, the problem 
disappeared! Don't ask
me why this change made such a dramatic difference.

Now, the reason why a non-root user experienced better performance was 
because at first
I didn't have the permissions set properly on the audio devices in /dev 
set properly.
So, when I first logged in as my non-root user, the sound server wasn't 
being started.
And, before I applied the correct permissions, I changed the audio 
device to ALSA. So,
I avoided the problem for the non-root user, befiore knowing that there 
was a problem.

NOW, why is artsd consuming so much CPU when the audio device is set to 
Sounds like a question for the KDE developers...


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