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On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 19:13, Albert wrote:
> I have always before compiled everything I needed into the kernel, so
> have not been bothered with a modules.conf file.  Now, I find myself
> wanting to understand how modules work.  I have read the man page and a
> couple of HOW-TOs, but am still in the dark on several really basic
> points.   I can get the module names from /lib/modules, but just where
> do the alias_names come from?  The man page says that the modules.conf
> file is optional. So when is it required?
> In this link: 
> it says:
> "If you are maintaining one system and memory is not in short supply, it
> is probably easier to avoid modprobe and the various files and
> directories it needs, and just do raw insmods in a startup script." 
> Which startup script(s) would that be?  Does anyone here do this?

That is absolutely terrible advice, and horribly out of date as well.

If module loading is _that_ much of a problem for you, install hotplugd
and it should eliminate >90% of it.  As to the rest of it, it's always
seemed to me that the kernel devs made it up as they went along (which
is being corrected in the 2.6 series).  Tell us what class of device
you're trying to get modules to load for (specifically which device) and
we'll be happy to tell you what we know.  Generally everything comes
down to one or two lines in /etc/modules.conf.
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