Can't compile libgnomeui

Chris Macksey SPAMc_mackseySPAM at
Thu Feb 26 08:45:41 PST 2004

OK, here's one thing to check:

Is /usr/include/libpng a symlink to /usr/include/libpng12? And, generally,
is the state of the PNG includes and libs consistent?  A possibility is that
stow bungled your symlinks on this one.

If this weren't the case, I could see GTK+'s configure process deciding
(possibly) to disable PNG support if it couldn't find the right include
file.  A further thing to try on this would be to re-configure GTK+, and
check it for PNG-related messages (even something as minor as
"<libpng/png.h> (not found)").

Chris Macksey

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