KDE 3.2 slow as root

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at netscape.net
Thu Feb 26 04:02:06 PST 2004

Declan Moriarty <declan.moriartyt at ntlworld.ie> wrote:

>Try hdparm -tT /dev/hdx as user and root. It just eliminates that one.
>If you have kde, don't you have that process monitor thingy in there
>(long time since I used kde regularly) It will (eventually:) show you
>what is grabbing the action.

I don't think its the hard drive throughput, as the various parameters are
set at boot time, and I don't think that they would change between
root/non-root users. But, it never hurts to check. Who knows what evil
lurks under the hood. 

As for the process monitor thingy: I'll check that out when I get home,
too. I know for sure that there's a CPU load window in plain X. But, I
don't know if a high CPU load would tell me more than I already know.



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