Eclipse Internet VIRUSshield detected VIRUS (W32/Netsky.c at MM) in mail from you.

Richard A Downing FBCS richard at
Thu Feb 26 02:33:45 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley <jeremy at> writes:

> Just my .02 - JUST HIT DELETE!  No spam filtering is 100% perfect, and
> if you think it is, I want some of what ever you're smokin, because it's
> gotta be damn good stuff! :)

How do you 'just hit delete' when reading the lists by nntp?  You can't.

Many people, perhaps most people now, use nntp to read the lists.

So not having good spam checking is abominable, nay, inexcusable.

Not having virus checking should be illegal, I am frankly ammazed if Gerard
hasn't got a virus checker on the list engine and in the mail to nntp loop.

Just my my 0.02 pounds stirling.  :-)  (and struggling to learn Gnus today)

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