Can't compile aRts-1.2.10

Gregory Davis gregdavis at
Wed Feb 25 17:45:06 PST 2004

Thomas Paricaud wrote:

> David Jensen wrote:
>> is in /usr/lib ? what does it point to:
>> ]#ls -la /usr/lib/libXrend*
>> Mine is in /usr/X11R6/lib
>> you may need to reinstall X, and delete duplicate libs and links
>> from /usr/lib. excepting those in the instructions. then ]#ldconfig
> You was right X was bad installed so I recompiled and reinstalled it
> correctly but I get always the same error.
> Thank you again for your help
> Thomas

Type "ldd /path/to/" and tell us what it shows.  There should be
a line about the relocation of the Xrendr library like: => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x409db000).
Check and make sure it is valid.

As an aside, I had some funny errors trying to compile kde 3.2 and qt 3.3
that resolved themselves by regressing to qt 3.2.


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