KDE 3.2 slow as root

Jeremy J. Byron jbyron at telus.net
Wed Feb 25 17:36:39 PST 2004

>When I log in as root, everything takes noticeably longer, so much so 

Simple answer, don't login as root. 
(Doc, my arm hurts when I ...)

>konqueror window, etc.

As far as I know, you should not be logged in as root while connected to the 
net.  Not overly safe.  Nope.

Perhaps if your computer is completely disconencted from the outside world 
hundreds of meters below sea level in an impenetrable room and you do not care 
about possible file corruption on your system then, by all means, go right 

>Any ideas as to how I might be able to diagnose the probelm? I'm not 
>really sure where to start...

I'm really not sure; never been an issue since I don't log in with the root 
account. I suggest logging in as a non-root user and using 'su' from a 
terminal, or a "Run program as user..." sort of feature should KDE have it 
when you need root priviliges; I'm sure KDE does have that feature, but I've 
been using Enlightenment, exclusively, for so long now I can't recall.

Compare any relevant log files (XFree/KDE/..) '/var/log/..' or console output 
for problems when logged in as root and a non-root user.  See if there are any
differences that'd cause a problem such as you describe.

Another possibility, perhaps, is services and available memory; if certain 
services are running with a root login and not in a user login, and those 
services are lagging or using too much memory such that you're computer is 
swapping, that would likely cause the root account to lag.  Thus, make sure 
DMA is enabled and you have plenty of swap-space, or you have lots of memory, 
or you do not log in as root.

Try listing processes as both root and non-root users and compare the results; 
is there a process running in the root account taking up most of the CPU 

Check your devices. Does root have access to a device that unpriviliged users 
do not? Is this device causing problems when off/on?

When in doubt, www.google.com.
(Most of the above came from a few moments' searching.)

In case you missed it above, I repeat: It is unwise to log in to KDE/X as root.

Good luck,

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