Can't compile libgnomeui

Chris Macksey SPAMc_mackseySPAM at
Wed Feb 25 10:57:56 PST 2004

> I had the same kind of error while loadind sawfish :
> Error: no such image,
> /usr/share/sawfish/1.3/themes/Crux/inactive:top-left-border.png
> This image exist but I think sawfish can't load it.

Since it seems like it's literally *everything* that loads PNGs, GNOME or
not, again, my instincts are telling me it's libpng.  This brings to my mind
these questions:

* What version of libpng/gtk/sawfish/metacity/libgnomeui are you installing?
* What were your CFLAGS (if any) for the installation of these things?
* Do you have compile/install logs of libpng, GTK, and libgnomeui that I
might be able to look at?

Chris Macksey

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