Networking hardware queries

Tony Sequeira tony at
Wed Feb 25 07:56:45 PST 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:57:40 +0000, Declan Moriarty wrote

> I have a growing number of boxes lying around here, and a project on
> back burner. Hence these queries.
> 1. I have no network hub as yet. Can I stick 2 cards into a box and
> it as server under linux, in effect using it as the hub and server, or
> should I buy some hub?

I would buy a switch in preference to a hub.  As to the first part of
the question, I'm no expert, so am not sure.  Problems may occur if you
want both cards to be on the same subnet.  And surely this would only
allow you to connect three machines together, unless I have got hold of
the wrong end of the stick entirely, in which case please feel free to
tell me.  <Disclaimer> I may be totally wrong as well, so I stand
corrected in advance. </Disclaimer>

s/Disclaimer/Chicken mode/g



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