Evolution 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 crash on startup (workaround)

Billy O'Connor billyoc at gnuyork.org
Wed Feb 25 06:45:57 PST 2004

Ricardo Barberis <richis at lfs-es.org> writes:

> Anyway, the guilty one seems to be libglade but I don't know how to properly 
> fix this. In my system, I have GNOME 2.4 (BLFS-CVS from December 03 or 
> January 04, I can check if needed) in /opt with some libglade files 
> installed into /opt/gnome-2.4/lib/libglade/2.0.
> So I took "the easy way out" and just ln -s'd them to /opt/gnome-2.4/lib and 
> after running ldconfig Evo came to life (yipiee!!).
> Of course I'll be testing it, so if anyone has anything to say please speak 
> and avoid my system's destruction :-)

Thanks for the report, I'm looking into this.

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