wvdial, pppd and pap/chap

Christian H. Kuhn official at qno.de
Tue Feb 24 08:42:52 PST 2004

& dixit Dienadel:
> "Christian H. Kuhn" <official at qno.de> escribió en el mensaje
> news:slrnc3mbqu.pb.official at home.qno.de...
>> pppd logs (debug option) first one pap authentification try, which is
>> rejected, and then LOTS of chap authentification tries, but all
>> rejected. It's not astonishing, because /etc/ppp/pap-secrets and
>> /etc/ppp/chapsecrets are empty. If i understand some docu right,
>> wvdial should be able to write those files, but it leaves them
>> untouched.

> i think wvdial doesn't create those files
> i created them manually, as shown in the ppp-HOWTO. As i wasn't sure which
> one my ISP used, pap or chap, the chap file, was a link to pap file.

But wvdial has user and password options in wvdial.conf. Why, if not
for writing pap-/chap-secrets? BTW: Anywhere i've read something about
writing permissions of wvdial and secrets. But not really helpful.

Kind regards,

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