Modelines for Montiors

Arindam Dey lfsdeveloper at
Mon Feb 23 20:04:29 PST 2004

Hi all,

I am stuck with my monitor. It is only able to come up
with a 640x480 display. Ughhh.

ddcprobe on the monitor returns 

Monitor DDC probe results
ID: GWY0013
Name: Gateway CM751
Horizontal Sync (kHZ): 30-95
Vertical Sync (HZ) : 50-160
Width (mm): 360
Height(mm): 270

After much googling I have come to the point where I
am pretty sure I need to add a modeline to my monitor
section of the XF86Config file.

But unfortunately I have no idea how to go about it ?
And there are some pretty dire warnings that the
monitor may get fried with the wrong setting of the

How does one go about determinig the proper modelines
for your monitor?


Arindam Dey

The mind is not a vessel to be
filled but a fire to be kindled.

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