gcc error while compiling XFree86-4.3.1 solved

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Mon Feb 23 04:11:23 PST 2004

i've got my xserver running by now...

it was not the compiler flags, but that hint set me on
the right trail of trying MANY things that failed
and then leaving out host.def altogether, which worked.

then i reintroduced the flags and they all worked.

so i figure the only trouble has been me using tabs in
my host.def file for formatting, as everything else is

if someone of the authors reads this, there could be
a warnig about this. even if it may seem obvious to

one lives and learns,

thanks to all,


Andre Müller wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
>> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, [ISO-8859-1] Andre Müller wrote:
>>> so, the problem remains.
>>> on pondering about that i thought
>>> that the bunch of %somethings in
>>> the commandline may be something that
>>> might ought to better be expanded.
>>  OK, I've gone back and looked at my XFree logs on this machine, which
>> is a Celeron (PIII) using approximately lfs-4.1 (X is probably vanilla
>> 4.3.0).  All of the % stuff seems to be there (totally unreadable, so it
>> might differ, but probably ok).
>>  I note that you had -march=pentium2.  Mine was  -march=i686.  Might be
>> worth trying that.  I spent a lot of time early last year trying to tune
>> my C options for X 4.3.0 on a K6-2. Many apparently legal combinations
>> of -march, -mcpu, -O{s,2,3} caused the builds to fail. The X build
>> system can be capricious.
>> Ken
> thank you for taking the trouble, i'll try fiddling with the 
> compiler-flags.
> a.

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