bug in kernel 2.6.3?

Rob van Dam r_vandam at hotpop.com
Mon Feb 23 02:55:59 PST 2004

Simon Geard wrote:

>Rob van Dam wrote:
>I think getting rid of of scsi emulation should be your first issue -
>I had a *lot* of lockups on 2.6 kernels before I switched to ATAPI
>burning. It's highly unstable on 2.6, and no one seems to have any
>interest in fixing it.
>To be honest, I don't know why they didn't just drop it entirely for
>2.6, given how unreliable it is. Backward compatablity doesn't count for
>much if the feature simply doesn't work.
O.k. I will try to get rid of scsi emulation. It's only very strange 
that it's suddenly broken now. I think they didn't change anything on 
the driver.


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